Recreational Debut

Recreational Debut
Dennis Bell
President · M.B.A.
formerly of the New York Knicks

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We believe that an informed customer is the best customer, so we wanted to share some of the questions that tend to come up pretty often. To view an answer click on the question.

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What makes your service better than others?

Our acknowledgement letter is the key to your success.  Coaches get letters everyday, but when a former professional athlete acknowledges you, they are compelled to read your material.  This elevates your status and our program to another level.

Do you have to be a great player to use this service?

No you do not have to be a great player. As a matter of fact, this program is geared towards the average player. 

Why do I need a recruiting service?

There are 7,000,000 high school students that participate in high school sports every year, and only 6% will play at the next level. If you don't have a marketing program, you will have a very hard time getting into the 6%.  Remember, coaches have a small budget to recruit from, so you must bring your skills to them.     

How are my payments tax-deductible?

Since Recreational Debut is a registered 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization you can write off any money spent on the program just like you can when giving to a local charity.

What if I play more than one sport?

Most people choose to focus on the sport they're best at, as most scholarships result from a single sport. However, if you choose to pursue two sports we recommend getting the "Gold" package for your best sport, and then the "Bronze" package for the other.

Recreational Debut
Dennis Bell, President
formerly of the New York Knicks

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