Recreational Debut

Recreational Debut
Dennis Bell
President · M.B.A.
formerly of the New York Knicks

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About the Program

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The Program

Recreational Debut is a non-profit that helps student athletes market their skills to college coaches around the country. We were formed in 1984 when a young student athlete came to us wanting to go to college.  We took on the challenge and got him a full scholarship to play basketball in the state of Florida.  After 34 years of helping student athletes obtain scholarships privately we have decided to offer this program to everyone. This is the most amazing program that I have ever seen because of the joy it brings the student, family and college coaches.


We have seen so many outstanding athletes not go recruited because they didn't know how to market their skills.  They still believed the old myth:

1.  If you are talented and play hard, college coaches will find you.

There are over 7,000,000 students playing high school sports every year and only 6% are going to play at the NCAA level. You have to ask yourself are you doing everything you can to become a part of that 6%.  The most important question is do you have a marketing program that separates you from everyone else.


Everyone who has the ability and desire deserves an opportunity to play college sports.  We have the ability to put your name in front of 2,000 college coaches in the USA and Canada.  The key to your success is our acknowledgement letter by former professional athletes.  When a former professional athlete acknowledges you coaches are compelled to read your material. 


Today's coaches have very little time and a small budget in terms of recruiting.  They must rely on Recreational Debut to provide them with outstanding student athletes.  That is why you need Recreational Debut.


Let us put our experience, staff and knowledge to work in helping you achieve your dream of playing college sports.  This is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have.

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A college directory is included no yes
The acknowledgement letter is included no yes
The resume form is included no yes
The statistical form is included no yes
Film editing is included no yes
The staff is professional no yes
The organization is experienced no yes
Our organization is available for advice no yes
The organization is endorsed by a former professional athlete no yes
The fees are tax deductible no yes

Perks of the Program

  • You will receive an acknowledgment letter from Dennis Bell formerly of the NY Knicks. This letter is the key to your success. How many recruiting services can offer this acknowledgment? Coaches receive letters every day but when a former professional athlete acknowledges you, they are compelled to review your material.
  • Approved resume and statistic forms by college coaches
  • You will receive a directory with every school and coach in the country.
  • DVD posting and editing is included.
  • The staff is professional. Everyone on our staff has gone through the recruiting process.
  • The Fees are tax deductible because we are a 501 3C.

Recreational Debut
Dennis Bell, President
formerly of the New York Knicks

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